The Belart family is no stranger to speed from the days when Enrique Belart raced Ducati motorcycles in Europe to Enrique Jr. now preparing to enter the NASCAR racing circuit.

You see, Enrique, Jr. and his fiancée Caroline had just purchased one of only 31 editions of the 2017 Dodge Viper ACR Voodoo II street legal racecars and were about to enter into speed trials at the Colorado National Speedway.

Caroline must have seen these speed trial events as an opportunity to finally herald in her blessed wedding. She had long anticipated it to take place at the Lower Lake Ranch which is a famous place for Colorado wedding planners and it’s less than 50 miles from the Colorado National Speedway.

So, Caroline called the Lower Lake Ranch to check their availability on the hopeful dates and to see if it would be possible for their wedding to be a NASCAR themed wedding.


Lower Lake Ranch is well known for it’s incredible vistas where an outdoor wedding can take place with a spectacular mountain backdrop.

That’s where Caroline always wanted her wedding with Enrique to take place. The good folks at Lower Lake Ranch assured her that the banquet hall for the reception could be fully decked out with a NASCAR theme.

It was further the goal to have most of the wedding party which consisted largely of pit crew personnel, advertising and promotional people and race car enthusiasts of all types be able to stay the night in the hotel facilities at Lower Lake Ranch.

Well, Lower Lake Ranch made it all happen. They have a reputation hosting hundreds of weddings every year in Colorado and when you’ve got such a truly unique wedding facility the word gets around!


Timing was everything! The speed trials at Colorado National Speedway were spaced five days apart.

This would give Enrique Jr. a chance to get his car, support crew and support vehicles into the speedway in the morning, get married in the afternoon and have a day to recover from a huge party like no other wedding before the next trial was scheduled.

Everything went remarkably well at the speedway where Enrique Jr. finished second among nine other competitors and that was just the first day!

From there, they were off directly for Lower Lake Ranch, about a forty-five minute drive. The huge diesel pick-up towing the equally large support trailer arrived first at Lower Lake Ranch.

The men began gathering at the bar after strategically parking the trailer where it would be seen by all as they pulled up to the resort.

Next to arrive was Enrique, Jr. with the 2017 Dodge Viper ACR Voodoo II, after all, it is street legal and wicked fast! Best of all, Enrique and all of his crew were still wearing their racing jumpsuits! It was a NASCAR themed wedding!

As Enrique and the crew headed out down the path to the garden where the ceremony was to take place, a stretched white limo pulled up containing the bridal party!

Photographers snapped pictures galore as the bride to be and her party emerged from the limo wearing pit crew jump suits, Caroline’s was of course adorned with lace and her cap was covered with a gossamer thin veil.

There was not a dry eye in the house as she approached the threshold and the preacher began the wedding ceremony. As the wedding vows concluded, they all walked back up the path to the reception hall. True to form, it was fully adorned with NASCAR signage and racing memorabilia right down to a cake with a bride and groom wearing jumpsuits. A wedding to remember!